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SBS Privacy Policy

SBS respects the privacy of our members. We take steps to ensure that your privacy is respected and protected when collecting and using information you provide.

Data Collection

SBS only collects personally identifying information from our members. "Personally-identifying information" means your name, address, bank account, credit card number, telephone number or other information by which you can be personally identified.

Data Use

SBS uses personally identifying information in limited circumstances. For example, we use your name to thank you personally for your business when you make purchases. We also use this information to contact you if you have won a contest or sweepstakes. SBS may use this information to give you personally tailored coupons, offers or other information that may be provided to SBS by other companies if provided in the future. SBS will provide the option to reject these offerings if you prefer not to receive these value-added services or offers, SBS does not sell or lease personally identifying information to any other company, person or agency. SBS will disclose personally identifying information only if required to do so by law, or if requested to do so by a law enforcement agency in the context of an ongoing criminal investigation where such disclosure could be required by subpoena or court order. Any request for information must be cleared by our Legal Representative. In addition, SBS may use any information our customers provide when conducting our own investigations of alleged customer wrongdoing, such as dishonored or fraudulent method of payment.

SBS may create compilations of information that is not personally identifying and provide this data to other companies to help them understand the shopping patterns of our customers.