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Board Members

Mr. Abraham is the developer of the SBS products, The Oakland Baseball Simworld and the XFL Simworld and has 22 years of experience in planning, simulation modeling, and politics and public relations. Mr. Abraham was President of the Oakland-Alameda County Sports Commission and President of the Super Bowl XXXIX Bid Committee, the organization formed to present Oakland as a host of a future Super Bowl game. For six years, Mr. Abraham served as the Economic Advisor to The Mayor of Oakland, California. Prior to that, he was an urban economic consultant and a newspaper columnist.

Mr. Rascher is the head of the Sport Management and Fitness program at the University of San Francisco and the President of SportsEconomics. He's recognized as one of the top sports economists in the country. It was Mr. Rascher's observation that his classroom needed the kind of tools Mr. Abraham was developing that was the catalyst for the creation of SBS.

Mr. Mark Anthony Jones -

Is a fixture courtside at Golden State Warriors games, but prefers to remain silent.